Boarding at BTC

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BTC offers a mandatory residential programme with full boarding facilities. Our boarding programme encourages and supports students to gain independence, responsibility, respect, and resilience through the development of life long relationships and shared experiences.

The residential programme provides every student with a mentor in a supportive environment that will allow students to fulfil their goals.
We particularly encourage students from all nationalities and backgrounds to live and learn together in a multicultural environment.

Each student has a Dormitory Parent. The role of the Dormitory Parent is to be a caring adult and role model for each student in his or her dormitory. The Dormitory Parent will express care and concern for student individual needs, and he/she will serve as a key source of support in student life.
The dormitory parent will also liaise with students’ biological parents or guardian. During holiday, students who wish to stay back on campus will be looked after by their Dormitory parent.

Our dormitory is home away from home, a place where every student should feel relaxed and comfortable. The rooms vary from single bed room to a maximum four bed apartment, depending on student preferences.