What Sets us Apart

BTC is unique by all standards

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All our subject leaders have minimum of 15 years teaching experience. Our subject leaders are carefully best hands in the industry. It is the College policy for all our teachers to have UK qualified teaching qualification.

We use modern learning facilities to deliver teaching. We have well equipped specialist laboratories for sciences. We also have arts and media studio facilities. Our IT provision is second to none, with modern learning software and Internet facilities.

Every student who successfully completed our University Foundation Programmes is guaranteed University admission abroad.

Our Student–teacher ratio is 10, and the average class size is 20. Our classes are the size of exclusive university seminars.

We operate a Non School Uniform Education. The aim is to prepare students for the real life world early in life.

We have provision for student to stay on campus during holidays. This is appropriate for students who live very far or international students who like to stay back during short holidays.

BTC is situated in a unique and natural learning environment, thriving in an atmosphere that encourages character development and academic achievement.

Apart from high quality of teaching and learning provision, every student undergo compulsory life skills module: Speaking, Listening and Presentation Skills and Social Research skills, socio-political skills.
BTC is dedicated to give a well-rounded educational foundation that student can build upon in life.

We are very strict with discipline and the College does not bend its rules and policies.

We don’t just end our relationship with students when they leave our college, we help them navigate their future career and follow up their destinations. For example, when student graduate and move on to University, we still check on them from time to time to ensure they are still on the pathway to successful life.

Every student has a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which gives them a clear sense of direction about their academic and career aspirations.

Every student has an individual learning plan. ILP is a live document that tracks student journey in school and also serves as a benchmark to measure students’ performance against key performance criteria.

Some of these trips and excursion are free and are integral part of the school curriculum.