Head Teacher’s Welcome

A Warm Welcome from the Executive Head Teacher

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Thank you for your interest in British Transatlantic College (BTC). Like every good parent, I know you want to provide the best education possible for your child. You want to invest in your child and give your child a strong academic background in life; you want your child to secure a place at a world class university and then having a successful and rewarding career. BTC will help you achieve your desire.

I am deploying my over 20 years academic and school management experience in world class universities and colleges in the United Kingdom and Africa to facilitate the achievement of set goals for your child. We will not only build strong academic foundation for every child, we will also develop your child into future global leaders by going above and beyond in every aspect of learning.

Our mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity, unlock students’ potentials, and enabling natural talents of every child to flourish within the global community. Our Mission and core values are encapsulated in our commitment statement which are: Nurturing potentials; Creating global opportunities; developing every student into a ‘Total Man’ and provision of Lifelong Learning for every student. We mean every word!

At day one, we develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for each student. The PDP is then linked to their individual learning plan, which gives every student a clear sense of direction about their academic and career aspirations. We set goals and targets for every student per term and our well qualified tutors ensure these goals are monitored. Students will gain independence, responsibility, respect, and a sense of creativity that will transcend their time at our College.

We will never compromise our high quality of teaching and learning provision. Our resident teaching team are made up of highly qualified subject specialists. We also engage top rated tutors around the world to teach the students through remote learning.

Our boarding facilities offer support provided by dormitory Parents, teachers, and advisors that will help every child feel “at home” within our campus community. Students will develop friendships as they live, learn, and socialize with other students.

We invite you to join BTC and gain from the global opportunities that we are creating for every child.

Dr Joe Obe, Ph.D
Executive Head
Mobile: +2348032122418
Email: headteacher@btcnigeria.org