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What is University Foundation Programmes (UFP)?

The University Foundation Programme is similar to the Nigeria’s former Higher School Certificate (HSC) education, which is arguably a better education system than the current Senior Secondary School system in Nigeria.

The University Foundation Programmes are preferred by most Universities in the UK as entry points into 3-year UK University degree programmes. They have become increasingly popular over the last few years and in many cases have become the most preferred entry point to UK universities.

BTC University Foundation Programme is designed to be a ‘bridging’ year between secondary school and University. It is aimed as trusted alternative for students who have completed senior secondary school programme and who are presenting with lack of desire to pursue the JAMB/UTME and A’Level route.

This one year academic preparation programme will give a student an opportunity to acquire the additional skills they will need to move onto the full degree and, if necessary, to improve their research and academic writing skills, as well as English Language and writing skills. These are the skills student sitting JAMB/UTME cannot acquire.

Students who completed the foundation programme shall be awarded BTC University Foundation Diploma. This Diploma is recognized by our partner Universities as automatic entry requirements for 3-year degree programme.

Academic Level of BTC Foundation programme

BTC foundation programme is an advanced level programme, equivalent to GCE A’levels. It is also equivalent to students who have successfully completed 100 level in any University running four years degree programme.

Students who completed the foundation programme shall gain entry to a 3 year degree programme or to a 2nd year or 200 level of any 4-year degree programme.

Who is this programme designed for?

This programme is designed to prepare international students, who have completed senior secondary education, for entry to undergraduate studies at one of our partner universities. All students who successfully complete the UFP are guaranteed placement on a suitable programme of undergraduate study. The UFP is set at level 3, which is equivalent to A-level standard in the UK.

 Study Pathways

BTC offers four academic pathways that students can choose from, depending on which degree you want to study at university. You may also need to study our English for Academic Purposes modules. The English module is for students who have previously studied in English but need an English language qualification for visa purposes.

The pathways are:

  • Humanities, Law and Social Sciences (HULAS)
  • Business, Economics, Accounting and Management (BEAM)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Biological and Medical Sciences (BAMS)

 Delivery Mode

Classroom (face to face and remote),   supported with online resources.

 English Course

English for Academic Purposes are embedded in BTC curriculum but student will still need to complete a graded and assessed module. This module is students who have previously studied in English but need an English language qualification for visa purposes

Assessment Method

BTC Foundation programme is assessed in line with UK University assessment methodologies. Students will be assessed through formative and Summative forms of assessment.

BTC Foundation programme is assessed 30% by Coursework and 70% by unseen examination. All assessments are open to moderation by our University partners. The coursework is assessed using a range of assessment methods like project work, essays, and presentations.

Duration of Study

One academic year of two semesters

Students who successfully completed our University Foundation Programme can gain automatic transfer to study with recognised universities abroad.

Course Aim

The aim of our International University Foundation Programme is to prepare students for their chosen future career. For example, students interested in becoming a medical practitioner will be prepared through our premedical curriculum

 Admission Period:       September and January intakes

Course Duration:      September Start:   9 Months (Standard programme) –                 September to June
                                         January Start ;  6 Months (Intensive/accelerated  programme) –                 January to June

Entry Requirements:

A minimum of 5 credits in relevant subjects inclusive of English Language and Mathematics (not more than 2 sittings) in IGCSE, WAEC, GCSE, NECO or other recognised equivalent qualifications. Applicants who are slightly short of 5 credits may be accepted in exceptional cases depending on their chosen pathway.

Age Requirements:

Applicants must normally be 17 years old by the 31st December in the year that they start the foundation programme. Applicants who are 16 may be accepted in exceptional cases but such students will have limited progression options.

Medical Students:

Students who wish to apply for medical pathway must have a science background in their qualification prior to the foundation programme and have performed well in excess of the minimum entry requirements outlined below.

 Special Advantages of BTC University Foundation Programme

Challenging students to new obstacles

The University Foundation programmes ensure that students are able to indulge in more than just the academic contents and syllabi. The foundation programme uplifts a student’s thinking ability and challenges them to new obstacles. They are tailored to students to ensure that they are academically ready and personally confident enough to take on and succeed at an undergraduate course in any university in the world.

Enabling students to think outside the box

BTC University Foundation programme don’t just focus on academic subjects. It strengthens student’s thought process by encouraging them to think outside the box. While dealing with a number of exercises in class. The Foundation programmes give an in-depth analysis of subjects and issues.

Special focus on applied subject knowledge

A lot of times school programmes and exams focus more on the concepts rather than, the application of those concepts to derive those results in real life scenarios.

Fills any gaps in knowledge between Secondary school and university

The University Foundation programmes are specifically designed to standardize students’ training and bridge any knowledge gaps, since students come from different schools with different standards of education. Courses are designed to level out the differences and get all students up to required advanced level standard. So whether it’s writing or presentation skills, Maths or physics that a student is lacking in, our University Foundation course can help every student attain the level required to be successful in the university.

Designed to focus on students chosen career and chosen degree

Foundations courses are tailored towards students’ career aspirations, so they help students prepare specifically, by providing focused training and background knowledge that will help students in their future degree studies. In other words, our foundation courses can tailor students’ course to suit the degree programmes they wish to study in future.  It involves studying core modules common to each career route, plus a set of subject-specific modules that are carefully designed to focus on the academic areas most useful to your chosen degree.

Use of university-style teaching

Graduates of our foundation course have an advantage over students entering higher education straight from school or those completing only UTME, JAMB, JUPEB. BTC Foundation courses are taught using university-style teaching, often on-campus, with lectures, tutorials and seminar-styles classes. This all helps prepare students better for their future university studies.

Preparation for Campus life

Studying University foundation gives every student opportunities to start living campus life earlier and preparing then for higher education living. It gives students plenty of time to settle into everyday campus life, not just academic life. University foundation offers opportunities to make friends, soak up those cultural differences and practical things and puts students in touch with other students who are experiencing just the same fear and excitement as you, ensuring students are on a firm foundation when they begin their undergraduate courses

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