Pastoral Care

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The pastoral care of our students is of pivotal importance to our core mission.
BTC supports and promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every student.

All students belong to a House group supported by a House tutor who will support your child holistically, focusing on academic achievements including curriculum pathways, and their emotional well-being. This ensures children are able to learn effectively and meet their academic targets.
Our aim is to nurture a student community which supports and cares for one another, sharing experiences and knowledge. We see much merit in students encouraging one another and believe this peer support further motivates students to succeed.

Every course and year group has a Head of Year and Pastoral Manager who look after student welfare. The Pastoral Manager’s role is to also support the work of the House tutor in getting to know and understand students, maintaining a relationship with parents/carers where necessary.

Our pastoral care team plays a great role in supporting students through mentoring, general advice and guidance, and initiatives such as personal development projects, Homework Clubs and social events.